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Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide

20 Mar 2017

Bukit Doa Tomohon

BUKIT DOA TOMOHON or also known as : Bukit Kelong  or Jalan Salib Mahawu or Prayer Hill of Tomohon, is one of the attractions of nature and religious tourism for Christian in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. The natural beauty is combined with the cool mountain air Tomohon, make every visitor feel at home to linger in this place. No wonder the Bukit Doa Tomohon become one of the major tourist destinations in Tomohon City. Location of Bukit Doa Tomohon&nb...

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20 Mar 2017

Linow Lake

  Linow word supposedly comes from the Minahasa that lilinowan. T...

17 Mar 2017

Vihara Buddhayana Tomohon

When entering residential areas in Tomohon, it turns out there was a B...

01 Jan 2017

Kalender Wisata Pemerintah Kota Manado Tahun 2017

Jika anda berencana untuk berlibur ke Manado, Sulawesi Utara, berikut kalender wisata tahun ...

16 Jul 2016

Pulau Siladen (Siladen Island)

This island is located to the northeast of the Bunaken island  and has an area of 31.25 ha. ...

13 Jul 2016


Bunaken Marine Park is a flagship tourist destination Manado, North Sulawesi and is one of the mo...

10 Jul 2016


Waruga or an old graveyard, is a relic of megalithic tomb coffin in Minahasa - North Sulawesi tha...