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If Java famous with batik and South Sumatra with it’s songket then in North Sulawesi has a traditional woven cloth that not less beautiful Called Bentenan.

Bentenan fabric made in Tombulu, Tondano, Ratahan, Tombatu, and other areas in Minahasa yet so Bentenan name taken from the name of the main port area in North Sulawesi that is Called Bentenan because of the fabric was export through the Bentenan Port in the 15-17 century to the outside of Minahasa.

The specialty of this Bentenan fabric is that the manufacturing process is complicated and takes a long time, Bentenan fabric woven with a double ikat technique, threads that form the fabric width (weft) called Sa'lange and thread lengthwise (warp) called Wasa'lene. Techniques such as these are double ikat weaving technique with a high degree of difficulty, this technique is rarely used in other areas. Motifs can be created from this technique will display subtle, complex and very unique. Bentenan fabric woven seamless fabric produces a cylindrical or tube. Later in the dyeing process, the fabric Bentanan use natural dyes derived from plants that grow in the region. Blue or green color is usually obtained from Taun tree, then when combined with water whiting, then the blue color will turn black. Lenu shrub (Morinda bractenta) for yellow color when mixed with water and whiting will be red. Lelenu (peristrophe tinctoris) for red, Sangket (homnolanthus paulifolius) produces black skin.

Bentenan itself has seven motifs that Tinompak Horse (loom with the various recurring motif), Tononton Mata (woven with images of humans), Kalwu Patola (woven with motifs woven Patola India) and Kokera (woven with a pattern of colorful flowers embroidered with beads ), Tonilama (woven from threads of white, colorless and a white cloth), Sinoi (woven with yarn colors and shape of the lines), and Pinatikan, woven with stripes motif nets and the hexagon shape, is the first to be woven in Minahasa.

Because the manufacturing process is complicated and takes a long time, Bentenan woven fabric sold at prices ranging from Rp600.000,00 and for fabric Bentenan Print sold at prices ranging from its Rp50.000,00 per meter depending on the material and the quality of the fabric.

If you travelling to North Sulawesi, and want to bring Woven Fabric as the souvenirs from North Sulawesi, you can look in 'Noewall Gallery' and 'Batik & Gift' located at Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado Domestic Departure Gate.

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